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Enjoying Earth Day with Healthy Eats

By Dylan Bailey, MS

Public Service Announcement! Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22. This special day celebrates Mother Earth and dates back to 1970, when a senator from Wisconsin first decided the environment should be an important teachable topic. Earth Day has since transformed into a worldwide celebration of all things, well, green. Here are some tips to make this Earth Day the best one yet.

Ride your bike or go for a walk

Using transportation that is more eco-friendly—like walking or biking—is a great way to celebrate. Try biking to the grocery store to buy the ingredients in our next tip!

Eat your veggies and fruits

Try eating meals that include veggies or fruits, as these ingredients do not use a lot of natural resources to produce.

Plant something

Planting wildflowers, shrubs or trees is a great way to keep Earth green. This may also attract animals and insects that rely on these plants for food. 

Educate yourself

Learn about the environment and what you can do to improve it by reading books or articles on the topic or even attending a talk at your local library if available.

Go to an Earth Day fair or local Earth Day event

Celebrate by attending a local Earth Day event or fair. Check on your town’s official webpage to see if any events are scheduled for Saturday!

Here at Libby’s, we think the best way to honor Earth Day is to eat as healthy (and flavorful) as possible. This Earth Day, try a fresh take on your meals. Meals featuring veggies and fruit use less resources to produce and are better options if you’re looking to make this Earth Day one to never forget (flavor and health wise)!

We’ve outlined a sample of Earth Day eating below:

An Earth Day Breakfast

Overnight Refrigerator Pear Oatmeal

Kick off your Earth Day with this recipe for Overnight Refrigerator Pear Oatmeal. Enjoy Vanilla Spiced Pear Oatmeal or Honey Almond Pear Oatmeal and know you’ll be fueled for a day of celebrating.

A Light Earth Day Lunch

Peas, Carrots & Candied Walnut Salad

With all of your outdoor activities and celebrating, it might be good to enjoy a light lunch that satisfies without sacrificing taste. This Peas, Carrots & Candied Walnut Salad packs wholesome veggies into a delightful meal that nourishes to help keep your spirits high!

Doing Dinner, Earth Day Style

Mexican Salsa Veggie Burgers

Wind down your action packed day with these Mexican Salsa Veggie Burgers. They pack protein and fiber, thanks to beans and corn, which comprise the base. The light salsa on top provides more opportunity for veggies to shine, including colorful tomatoes and orange bell peppers.

Overnight Pear Oatmeal
Carrots %26 Candied Walnut Salad
Mexican Salsa Veggie Burger
Earth Day