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Fun in the Sun with Libby’s: Easy Vacation Recipes

Bring on scorching hot temps, sand, and summertime breeze. We’re in the midst of summer’s hottest month, and we can feel it! The heat can be intense, but don’t let that stop you from all of your summer fun. Whether you’re planning an outdoorsy vacation or a relaxing beach getaway, we know that food will be always be center of attention. We’ve rounded up delicious and easy Libby’s recipes for the whole family, wherever your vacation takes you.

Go Ham or Go Home

Green Wheel and Ham Sandwiches

Nothing beats an ice cold drink accompanied by a hearty sandwich during a hot day at the beach. These Green Wheel and Ham Sandwiches are ideal beach day eats. Each wheel is full of ham, cheese, and Libby’s® Cut Green Beans to create the perfect taste in each bite. They’re small enough to fit in any cooler and will give the whole family that extra fuel to continue the fun in the sun.

You Have a Peach of Our Heart

Double Peach Smoothie

Long days outside in the sun can pass you by and be over before you know it. Staying fueled during the day is always important, and with these Double Peach Smoothies, the whole family will be content. They’re packed with Libby’s® Peach Slices that will leave you and your family hydrated and your sweet tooth satisfied.

Remain Calm and Carrot On

Carrot Cake Bites

Whether it’s at the beach or on a lake, these days are always one for the books. It’s a great time for everyone to escape reality, catch some rays, and relax. However, your kids may have another idea in mind. Between all of their running around, these Carrot Cake Bites make for the perfect quick snack. Each bite is the perfect amount of nutritious and sweet with carrots and a delicious icing drizzle. It’s a snack you can feel confident giving your kids that they actually won’t mind stopping their fun to eat.

Green Wheels and Ham Sandwiches
fruit smoothie
Carrot Cake Bites