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Hollywood-Worthy Award Show Viewing Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again where everyone gathers together to watch the most iconic celebrities in film, television, and music take the stage to win top awards. There’s nothing that makes award season more enjoyable than your own glamourous viewing party surrounded by family and friends. If you’re looking to host your very own Hollywood-worthy party this upcoming season,…
  • Eat Well, Live Well

Get Pumping: Keep Your Heart Healthy During American Heart Month

By Samantha Bailey, Registered Dietitian Heart shaped candies, bouquets of vibrant red roses, fluffy teddy bears, and X’s and O’s are beginning to filling the store aisles, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But February isn’t just about the “be mine” cards, it’s also recognized as American Heart Month by The American Heart Association to spread awareness…
  • Get Back To The Table

All It’s Crocked Up to Be: National Slow Cooking Month

When you think of January, resolutions, temperatures dropping to bitter cold, and people bundled up in their warmest attire taking on the yearly snowfall routine most likely comes to mind. January is more than new beginnings and cold winter nights – it’s National Slow Cooking Month! The magic of a slow cooker makes life easier when you are short on…
  • Eat Well, Live Well

New Year, New Eats: Change Up Your 2017 Menu

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! It’s a new year, and with that comes the yearly tradition to start fresh after indulging in delicious, yet not so healthy fare, especially after the holidays. We often hear people setting goals for themselves, spending time considering what version of themselves they’d like to cultivate over the upcoming months. Whether you’re looking to bid adieu…
  • Eat Well, Live Well

Surviving Winter: Warm Recipes to Get Cozy With

Baby, it’s cold outside – and we’re not just talking about the classic Christmas jingle! It’s that time of year again when even the heaviest layers of your warmest clothing can’t protect you from the bone-chilling winds. We all know that nothing makes a cold winter night more tolerable than digging into a warm, hearty meal to satisfy you to…