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Get Back To The Table
by Libbys on Aug 5, 2015

Is it just us or is summer whizzing by? Before we know it, we’ll be back in back-to-school mode. Until then, soak up the last of these lazy days with the kids. One particularly fun and no-fuss way to do so is with a picnic. The following recipes are quick, healthy and ideal for open-air dining. Plus, they’re all finger-friendly, so you can...

Eat Well, Live Well
by Libbys on Jul 29, 2015

By Kristin Kessler, RD

The dog days of summer are here and that means toasty temps and increased humidity. While this steamy weather is ideal for pool parties and beach trips, it also increases our risk of dehydration. The obvious remedy is drinking plenty of H2O, but did you know that you can also hydrate with...